Williamson campaign first to place Captain in all 99 Iowa Counties


(Des Moines, IA): The Marianne Williamson For President campaign is excited to announce the placement of 99 Virtual Iowa Caucus Captains, which is a direct response to the sweeping caucus changes recently announced by the Iowa Democratic Party. These 99 rigorous volunteers are placed about 40% in Iowa and the rest throughout the United States.

“I’ve always been extremely grateful for my supporters over a 35 year career improving people’s lives,” Marianne Williamson said. “The fact that so many of my non-political followers have joined me on this campaign has inspired me deeply, and I look forward to hearing from our new Virtual Caucus Captains and the great strides they’ll make.”

The Iowa Democratic Party announced ‘Virtual Caucusing’ to give people a way to participate without having to attend in person. The Williamson campaign has taken this concept to the next level by using Virtual Iowa Caucus Captains to recruit both in-person and virtual caucus-goers.

“We only want to add to the importance of the sacred tradition of in person Iowa Caucus participation, but we also want to react to the needs of the people and to the changes announced by the IDP,” said Maurice Daniel, national campaign manager. “Just like the Iowa Caucuses, the United States does more and more things virtually everyday with telecommuting increasing every year and Facebook even selling devices for people connect virtually. We believe the Virtual Iowa Caucus Captains will be a winning and cost-effective strategy.”

Each Virtual Iowa Caucus Captain is tasked with finding supporters of Marianne Williamson across all 99 counties in Iowa. Unlike the other candidates running, Marianne has a support base outside of traditional politics, which has already been a key asset.

“One of the strengths of this campaign is Marianne’s existing network of millions of supporters. Harnessing that power to spread the word about the importance of the Iowa Caucuses, as well as activating pockets of support around the state make this a breakthrough strategy.” - Brent Roske, Iowa State Director